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Jacket provides a level of productivity and return on investment far beyond any other development platform on the market. While there are many tools that enable performance improvement, Jacket delivers performance at a whole new level by unleashing the power of GPUs to deliver maximum FLOPS per dollar.

With minimal knowledge and time, single threaded M-codes are transformed to GPU-enabled applications that fully leverage hardware within the enterprise. Single and multiple GPU systems can be leveraged to delay the cost, time, and investment needed to migrate to HPC resources. Workstations, SMP servers and Personal Supercomputers (PSCs) with multiple GPUs can benefit from Jacket MGL that extends the single GPU support of the base Jacket product to as many as eight (8) GPUs in a single system image machine. Where HPC resources, such as GPU clusters, are already in place, JacketHPC can be leveraged to harness the power of clusters or Cloud services with 8 GPUs or more.

Jacket DLA extends the single precision linear algebra functionality available in the base Jacket product to double precision. Where applications require double precision and double precision GPUs are available, Jacket DLA is a necessary option for users.

Jacket GFX provides powerful 3D visualization capabilities for Jacket applications. Jacket GFX is integrated tightly with the base Jacket product at no additional cost.

Jacket SDK makes integration of custom CUDA code into Jacket's runtime very easy. With a few simple SDK functions, your CUDA code can benefit from the optimized Jacket platform.

Finally, Jacket delivers the ability to deploy compiled applications with Jacket JMC such that the largest number of users can benefit from the performance gains and insight intended by the original application. Performance, productivity, and leveraging existing assets make Jacket a highly valuable platform for organizations of all sizes.

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