Be an Agent of Change in a Fast-Paced World of Technology!

The tech world is witnessing spectacular change and we are on the lookout for bright-minded individuals with unmatched passion and enthusiasm. At Netweb Technologies, we truly believe in tapping your unharnessed capabilities. Moreover, being a tech-focused company, you can also expect to work on innovative projects and brainstorm over fresh ideas in the cloud computing domain.

The learning opportunity at Netweb is ever evolving with constant research around areas such as Cloud, Kubernetes, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), High-Performance Computing (HPC), Virtualization, Private 5G, Servers, Storage, Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), Motherboard, etc.

As a top segment partner to some of the world’s leading technology companies, Netweb has also delivered solutions to over 10,000 customers including the highest install base of HPC in Southeast Asia (including one of the Fastest hybrid supercomputers).

So, begin a fresh journey and add wings to your imagination at Netweb Technologies!

Where would you like to begin your journey with Netweb?

We look for enthusiastic individual in our teams. Whether you are about to begin your career or you’re looking for a higher growth trajectory in the tech-industry, Netweb Technologies is the right place.

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Five Basic Tenets of Netweb Technologies

We place abundant importance on value vis-a-vis knowledge as a solid belief system is essential to endure continuous obstacles on the path of prosperity. That is why we have clearly established five basic tenets to adhere

Passion and Integrity
Innovation lies at the heart of netweb Technologies. We firmly believe that innovation is crucial to fulfilling our customers needs and establishing a benchmark for others to follow.
3C – Cooperate, Co-ordinate and Collaborate
Collaborate and Innovate
Collaboration helps accomplish even the most challenging task with ease. Hence, we have developed a mechanism to cooperate, coordinate and collaborate on even the most complex tasks.
We feel that integrity at the workplace is paramount to achieving long-term success. Therefore, we always advise our employees to exercise integrity at workplace and outside.
Clear Communication
Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and equally hard to sleep after. At Netweb we strive to establish a clear channel of communication for even the simplest chores.
Pursuit of Excellence
Passion and Integrity
At Netweb, we endeavour to pursue the best for our clients and customers as learning is a continuous journey and not the destination.
Customer Delight
We believe in delivering business solutions that exceed customer's expectations evoking a wow response and spreading positive word of mouth.

Life at Netweb Technologies

On a lighter note, we are a fun place to celebrate and experience the joy of everyday life. We encourage breakthrough ideas at and even outside the workplace. There is widespread acceptance and appreciation for various cultures and thoughts. Briefly stating, we believe that great minds always think differently.

The “We” Culture- We collectively bask in the glory and experience the agony. This is what makes us different from our counterparts. We believe that it is the organization’s responsibility to set a favorable environment for a person to be genuinely happy despite it being a very personal emotion. Whether achieving the target or rejoicing at the most anticipated moment, you can feel the camaraderie and bonding at every moment.


Few Words from Our CEO and Founder

Our CEO Sanjay Lodha says “Go out and make your mistakes, take the responsibility, and overall do relish every bit of what you do. We at Netweb are respected to solve customers’ problems and the biggest testimony is that a big chunk of our new customers is referred by the old ones. We need more in a tribe who can go all out to make an impact with the compelling products, solutions, and services which changes the way customer visualize their problem.”